Medical Massage Therapy

Medical Massage is provided to achieve maximum lasting positive outcomes after an injury. As compared to most spa relaxation massages, this comfortable medically-based massage is given with specific management objective and treatment goals for diagnosed injuries – commonly like those seen after car accidents or work injuries. The licensed massage therapists employed by BACK to Health Clinic will provide gentle, caring, and pain-free treatment for your diagnosed injuries to help you recover more quickly. Specific attention will be given to your comfort and tolerances to make your visits enjoyable as the LMT effectively addresses the injuries to achieve specific outcomes set by your doctor for your optimal recovery.

BACK to Health Clinic can accept referrals from other doctors or clinics. If you need a referral for massage, just ask your doctor. If you don’t have a doctor who can refer for medical massage therapy after a Car Accident we can assist by scheduling you with a chiropractic physician from BACK to Health Clinic to see if a diagnosis exists that qualifies for medical massage. Additional medical needs may be necessary as well, so it’s always important to get checked by a Salem Chiropractor who specializes in crash injuries like those who practice at BACK to Health Clinic.

Since most auto insurances cover medically necessary massage therapy after a car crash, you should get a referral for massage and “Come See How Good It Will Feel to Feel Good Again!”

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