Leg Pain (Sciatica)

Sciatica is pain that is experienced in the back side of the leg that may extend to the foot or may only travel to the back of the knee, mid-thigh, or gluteal crease. Generally the closer the pain is to the spine the less pressure there is on the nerves that are causing you to feel the pain. Sciatica is closely associated with anything that can cause compression of the nerve roots, such as arthritis, bulging or herniated lumbar discs, thickened ligaments, structurally narrow nerve pathways, etc. Sometimes however, there are other causes for sciatica that may not be a nerve root compression at all, and many imaging tests will be negative, leaving patients and doctors scratching their heads for a cause. At BACK to Health Clinic, we have several decades of experience and various therapies for effectively managing sciatica. Most sciatica patients find a satisfactory or complete recovery of their sciatica when treated at BACK to Health Clinic.

To prevent worsening it is best to avoid any postures or activities that increase pain in the lower back or legs. This may require alterations in work activity or activities of daily life. Your chiropractors at BACK to Health Clinic will guide you through your recovery and equip you with concepts and ideas for maintaining your health at home as well. It is our desire to get you better as soon as possible; because we know our best patients are those we’ve helped recover and who are recommending BACK to Health Clinic to others they know who need our help. We thank you for your confidence and referrals.

For best results… get seen at BACK to Health Clinic quickly if any symptoms of leg pain appear – it is not normal and treatment should not be delayed.

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