What To Expect

Your first visit to BACK to Health Clinic will likely be one of the most positive doctor’s office experiences you may have.

You will find our office modern, well equipped and clean.

Our friendly and helpful reception staff will guide you through the intake process, gathering the information needed for our doctors to thoroughly evaluate, identify, and manage your health needs. Online forms will save you time.

A doctor’s assistant will guide you to a comfortable and spacious treatment room, take your vitals, and provide you with an informed consent document to read.

Your doctor will review the form, answer any questions, and obtain your consent for treatment. He or she will then take a complete medical history (including present medical complaints, past history, and social/family history), provide a thorough physical exam and if necessary take x-rays, or refer for labs and special imaging.

A review of findings, diagnosis, and treatment plan will be discussed, and treatment will begin same day.
Treatment Plans may be multi-phase to

  1. Initially reduce pain, swelling, and spasm;
  2. Corrective to maximize function, range of motion, or alignment, and;
  3. Supportive to tone and strengthen the body to maximize performance and minimize recurrence.

Treatments are designed to be comfortable and non-painful. Communication is key for maintaining progressive improvement. Let your doctor know how the treatments are helping so that we can tailor fit a plan to maintain positive comfortable and effective results for you.

If additional care providers are necessary, we coordinate care with a wide variety of professions who are also outstanding in their given fields of specialty.

It is our goal to provide you with the highest level of care in a professional, friendly, and cost conscious manner.

You’re Going to Love it Here!!

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