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1.5.18 – I came in with left arm and shoulder hurting. Now I feel very good. Thank you so much.
-Tom H

1.5.18 – I really think that BACK to Health is the best Chiropractic Clinic in Salem. I have been able to move around daily activities after the car crash in September. The staff is also awesome.
-Marie M

12.5.17 – BACK to Health has helped me by relieving and fixing my back and neck. The staff is very friendly and professional. I would recommend this clinic 100%.
-Lyuda Y

12.5.17 – The exercises really help me, and the fact that they have you do them in the office before my appointment is awesome. They don’t just send you home with a sheet of exercises.
-Daryl Q

12.5.17 – When I first started seeing BACK to Health Clinic it was hard to do anything throughout the day without being in pain, but now I feel great and I’m back to 100%. Thank you BACK to Health =)
-Jeremy S

12.1.17 – I started coming here January 2017 due to a car accident. I was in constant pain, now I am doing a lot better and have all the amazing, honest staff at BACK to Health & Natural Recovery Massage to thank for that. I refer everyone here.
-Amy J

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11.20.17 – When I was in a car accident I hurt my lower back and neck. Could not move my neck and my lower back hurt so bad I could not sleep for months. They worked on me and now I can do more and move my neck. The Doctors here are great. They always make it better to live everyday life.
-Darlene H

11.14.17 – My neck + back feel better than they have in years. What can I do now that I couldn’t before…. EVERYTHING because I’m not focused on my pain. =)
-Theresa G

11.10.17 – Since coming to “BACK to Health” I have left each time feeling better (relaxed+not as much pain). I’m not as tight in my neck & back, but still pain when I turn my neck. Lower back pain not as painful.
-Marilene M

I can turn my head over my shoulder in both directions without pain now.
-Sandra W.

BACK to Health Clinic therapist was instrumental in providing their techniques to help eliminate pains to my knee and hip joints-resulting from surgeries to these joints. Also, helped me increase in motion and flexibility.
-Cliff G.

I have less pain and am reaching better. I feel better and am able to move my neck easily.
-Bernie C.

Dr. Baker I just wanted to say thank you for all the care you and your staff have given me. It’s been a pleasure. I’m sure I will see you around I have never had such an experience in a doctors office as I have had with you and your team. You really made me feel like family, thank you! I can work a full day with little or no pain.I like the fact that I can get an appointment, usually the same day, when I need to fast.

You found and fixed my back issue in few sessions after me seeing another chiropractor for many years for the same issue and having no real permanent fix. There is no need to improve when you do things right.

It’s a nice calm place, friendly and very good customer service. I’ve been to a couple of chiropractor clinics and this is the best place for me. Thanks for everything and keep up the good work.

I get back relief when I need it from Dr. Baker. P.S. You have the right touch!
Absolutely nothing is wrong. You guys ROCK! Thank you for the wonderful care you provide me and everyone else with.

The extra time and attention. The hot packs, massager, waterbed, and Dr.’s gentleness and kindness and receptionist so nice on the phone every time. I can talk to her or the Dr. and they don’t get defensive, and you almost NEVER have to wait long! Very rare.
Personable but professional, understanding, caring, supportive and forgiving of financial difficulty.

I love your clinic because everyone is so friendly and down to earth. It’s obvious you are about your patients and that is rare to find. Also your doctors are about the only chiropractors I would trust to adjust me!

Always laughing here and the experience is good here too! The environment here is awesome. People here all just so nice. Keep it up! You guys don’t need to improve on anything. You guys are the best.

I love how personable you all are. I feel comfortable here and like how you make me feel like family here. It’s nice and knowing you truly care about my well being makes me feel better.

I like the treatments I’ve received from the Dr. He has always been thorough and sensitive to my problem areas. I also like the water bed.

Everything was lifted off my shoulders.
-Wendy P.

After many visits to my primary physician, and physical therapy, i came to BACK to Health Clinic with severe back pain-related to my scoliosis. Now after seeing Dr. Baker for two months, I am absolutly pain free. I can also excercise harder and sleep through the night, without waking up in pain.
-Angela E.

I am able to stand up straight and i don’t have pain, when i roll over in bed anymore.
-Lorenzo P.

I can now go up the stairs, move and walk better.
-Jane H.

I started coming to BACK To Health Clinic, because of a car accident. However, one issue i have had my whole life is my left shoulder constantly pops. I mentioned this to the Natural Massage therapist-David. After a few little exercises, david was able to help free me of popping and restore strength back to my left arm. I was simply amazed! David is amazing in his technique.

For 2 years I went to Massage Envy for my upper back pain. At the end I was going in every 2 weeks. I admit I signed up at Massage Envy for the cost. I finally got fed up with the pain and decided to go to BACK to Health Clinic. I saw David ONCE (not every 2 weeks like Massage Envy) and the back pain didn’t return for almost 6 months!! Sometimes its not about the cost but the quality you’re getting. In the end I did save money by going to Natural Recovery Massage.
-Kathy R.

I was a pedestrian in a hit & run accident and had alot of lower back pain. I have never had a massage therapy like this, it actually took the pain I was having away. I walked out of the office like new it was a breath of fresh air. Thank you!
-Mindy H.

I can’t remember the last time I was able to sit properly on both buttocks at the same time, I was about 14 years old now I am 58 years old. Its amazing!
-Carmen B.

In two visits with Dr.Baker,I feel more flexibility and less pain in the problem area of my back.I have also not had a headache for the first time in months.
-Angela E.

After years of neck pain and tense muscles on my left side, I gave in and came to a chiropractor. I’ve had many bad experiences elsewhere. BACK To Health Clinic is amazing! I no longer feel like my shoulder is being pulled up. This is after only 2 visits. I am convinced! I will keep returning and am seeing progress. I thank God for leading me to BACK To Health Clinic and Dr. Baker!
-Bonnie F.

I came here with pain and now leave without it.
-Maria T

Thanks to Dr. Baker and the staff, I can now row my driftboat, without any pain. I’m 42 years old and I feel like I’m in my prime!
-Michael R.

I’m so happy to be able to raise my right arm above my head. My Vision has also cleared, since coming to BACK To Health Clinic.
-Kimberly S.

I can stand straighter and stand for longer periods of time. I am also able to walk farter and I feel better. Thanks to you Dr. Baker, thanks, thanks, thanks!

In only a few treatments, I am noticing improvement in my neck pain-that wasn’t evident, before coming to BACK To Health Clinic.
-Aaron D.

Before I started seeing BACK To Health Clinic, my pain was unmanagable. Now my pain is almost gone.
-Michael R.

I Came in, unable to sit down. Within 48 hours,I feel 98% better.
-Todd B.

BACK To Health Clinic, has helped me to improve my mobility and return to pre-injury health!
-Nathan T.

I can stand straight and the middle of my back no longer hurts.
Troy P.

I can walk! For the last 19 years-Dr. Baker and the fine staff at BACK To Health Clinic have helped me keep my feet on the ground. I will never be able to thank them enough.
-Lance L.

I have had very bad neck and shoulder pain, for over a year. After 1 visit, I feel the best I have felt, prior to coming here.
-Les A.

Had pain for a couple of years, from prior accidents. But now I am able to do jumping jacks!
-Tanya H.

You can count on Dr. Baker to always be consistent and care. The staff here is always in a good mood and happy-like they enjoy their job. It’s a great atmosphere! I am 34yrs old now. I came to Dr. Baker’s clinic for the first time, back in 1996. I was pregnant at the time with my first son and was having problems with my lower back. Somedays i couldn’t even walk at all or i was stuck bent over. Then Dr. Baker helped me. He really listens and cares. He has great feedback and answers. Occasionally i get stuck or have a day where i am in great pain and BACK to Health Clinic; is so awsome at getting me in for an emergency visit, or a last minute squeeze in! I can always rely on them to get me in and not worry about the bill at the time. There is something about Dr. Baker and his manipulation technique that makes it the absolute-best ever.

I am more relaxed and the frequency of pain is less and more tolerable. A great clinic! I have learned alot regarding how i can help myself with pain relief.
After four visits, i can now turn my neck without pain. I would recommend BACK to Health Clinic” to everyone i know!

Grandpa has made amazing progress in overall mobility, general health and ease of pain, due to multiple issues involving devastating accidental injuries, after being struck by a car. Under expert care, he is walking and has very limited need for his wheelchair. Quality of life has improved remarkably! The while experience has been very positive. An affirmation that caring folks do exist and an inspiration for hope of even more improvements to come! Thank you Dr.’s, office ladies and assistants, for your kind service. You make a wonderful difference!
Personable, but professional, understanding, caring, supportive and forgiving of financial difficulty.

My low back pain has been relieved and I am able to go to the gym again!!
I can feel my range of motion is improving and the pain is less intense than before. Before coming here I would go to bed early because of pain and now that has been alleviated.
I first came in with extreme pain in my neck and all the way down my arm with tingling. Found out it was a bone spur growing into the nerve. With the treatment I received here I am pain free and BACK to my old self.

My back pain does not hurt as much. I can bend easier, and can stand for longer periods of time without having to sit down.

I have more range of motion in twisting and turning my head without pain and discomfort!
I was in a lot of pain when I started coming here; I have a lot less pain now.

I was led to Craig at Pinnacle PT by prayer for myself. He, Craig, being a Christian led me to Dr. Baker. Praise The Lord for his referral! I was one step away from a wheel chair due to weakened muscles in my leg. I can now walk in a balanced, normal way and am slowly gaining strength back in my legs plus my neck and spine are being brought back to normal. Thank you, Craig and Dr. Baker.

It’s helped me have a lot less pain, and not be so tight. Also, headaches are less. Thank you!

My name is Michael and I’ve been coming to BACK to Health Clinic for 2 months now. When I first got here my back felt sore and tired. After a few treatments my back felt better and my posture improved. I recommend anybody with any back pain to BACK to Health Clinic.

The BACK to Health Clinic has completely surpassed my expectations. The staff completed my DOT Physical, thus allowing me to begin a Professional Driving Career.

I fell on the job over 10 years ago and hurt my low left back. I then was in a car accident 8/07 and started coming to BACK to Health. From the fall it made my hip rotate and over time I went from 5ft. 8in. to 5ft. 7in. Since seeing Dr. Baker and associates I am 5ft. 8in. again and feel great. My neck from the car wreck is so much better and my left low back has never felt better. Thank all of you so much.

Went to an M.D. after my accident and he didn’t do much. I mentioned following up with a chiropractor and he said he arranged for sonic massage in his office. I wanted a multidisciplinary approach. The M.D. did nothing. My friend Steve told me how he regretted not going to a chiropractor sooner. I went as soon as I could after the visits with the M.D. but had to suffer through a weekend without relief from the whiplash I suffer. One visit with Dr. Grobman and it was like the difference of night and day. The M.D. just told me to move my head up and down and told me he would keep an eye on it. I guess he didn’t believe chiropractic medicine had a place. I would reccommend them much sooner than any M.D. for relief of whiplash.

If I did not have your services after my accident I would be an absolute wreck, physically and mentally. Before my accident I was an average man, working everyday with normal aches and pains from my profession as a construction laborer. But after my accident I have trouble sitting, standing, walking… Some days I find it difficult standing straight, and my movements are limited. Without your services I do not know what I would do. I am getting better. Thank everyone.
I am very happy over the advance medical treatment that I have received over the past year from BACK to Health. Recovering from a serious accident is a hard and long term experience or at times can be. But BACK to Health and their well trained staff have made the process smooth. Thank you for getting my health back!

Chiropractic is Wonderful!

My first experience with chiropractic was because I had dislocated my knee during a sports event. The chiropractor was very knowledgeable and caring. The knee was put back into joint with NO lasting effects. My dad had a similar problem but went to the hospital where they numbed his knee, forced it back into joint, ripped the cartilage, which then required surgery and rehab. He’s never been the same. Thank You BACK to Health doctors and staff! This is truly a place that cards and treats people like family.

God bless you for all you are doing for us hurting people. Body, soul, and spirit.
When I first arrived I was so scared, thank you for being so open minded about my feelings. All of you are so cheerful it makes my day to come here. Thanks for being so considering. To the best chiropractic clinic in the world!!!

If you need to be able to walk, move, and do daily functions like a normal person – you need the Family of BACK to Health Clinic. I was in a car accident in Sept. 2006 and when I came in to see someone – anyone, I could not walk and was in severe pain. In 1 month this amazing crew had me walking and able to sleep once again with minimal pain. They are family to me now and I have referred all of my friends and family to experience the professional care and love from the men and ladies at BACK to Health Clinic. They are caring and professional and DO care about your physical well being. May God bless and hold close to his heart all who are involved with the BACK to Health Clinic. I know my life is better since coming here.

BACK to Health got me back to what I love to do! Thanks

I am very happy for being treated like a special patient at BACK to Health Clinic. All the staff are very nice and award of all my needs and the needs of my wife and daughter. Gradually, I have seen changes in my neck and lower back. We’ve been treated like a family, all have a friendly smile. May Jehovah bless you all and keep you all in good health.

Because of the extreme loving care and expert chiropractic treatment, I have come to appreciate BACK to Health Clinic very much. My pain in my knees, back and neck have greatly improved since our family’s car accident 3 months ago. I also appreciate the well educated work the message therapist, whom I’d recommend to anyone. My husband, my 9 year old daughter, and I have all benefited from the expert care and treatment of Dr. Grobman, Dr. H. and Dr. Baker. We’d recommend this office to all in need.

I first came to BACK to Health Clinic following a 25 mph accident. I started having very bad headaches for a month following the accident and finally decided to do something about it. I never get headaches so this was a major thing for me. I was told I had third degree whiplash and stopped having headaches after 2 weeks of care! Since then I have had severe finger numbness that would wake me up at night it hurt so bad. After 2 treatments it stopped. I fell when I was 8 mo. pregnant and hurt my food to where I could not walk. -Chiropractic adjustments to my food helped me walk again.

I came to BACK to Health Chiropractic after suffering from muscular inflammation in my mid back due to overworking. Dr. Grobman (one of our staff) consulted with me and was extremely helpful in helping me find solutions to relieve my back pain. I feel at home in this clinic. Everyone is extremely friendly and knowledgeable. I have seen Dr. Grobman on 5 visits and my back pain is virtually gone from his adjustment techniques and other treatment methods. These Doctors at this clinic are truly amazing and skilled and I would refer my friends and family! Thanks.

From the moment I called BACK to Health to be seen as a new patient, the staff and doctors have made me feel like a family member. They diagnosed and pinpointed my back problem and since then, they always make me as comfortable and pain free as I can be. Thanks to BACK to Health I can still go out and play golf without hurting in pain afterwards.

I came to Dr. Baker’s office in Feb. of 2005. I was in so much pain. Dr. Baker and his staff just treated me with so much love, made me feel like I was the only person in the office. At one time I wanted to end my treatment but BACK to Health Clinic helped me see it wouldn’t be the right thing to do because of the pain I was in. Because of all of them I am much better today. I have never thought I would ever get better but with their support in me I am getting better each day. I am so glad that I had a chance to meet Dr. Baker and his staff. They all welcomed me with a smile, always listened to me about anything. I can’t put it into words how gratful I am to them. When it came to my closing exam I was a little sad to say good bye to my new friends. I have had the best care from the BACK to Health Clinic. You all have made my life easier by giving me great care.

I started coming to see Dr. Baker when he was over on Lancaster. Our family was so glad when he moved closer to us in Keizer. I’ve seen chiropractors all my life and Dr. Baker is the only one I’ve had fix me just the right way”. His staff is always so sweet and helpful. They always have time to fit me in and take such good care of us.

Our family was involved in a minor car accident – so we thought. We all sought care at BACK to Health Clinic with Dr. Baker and his staff. We are thankful and appreciative of all the help and support each staff member has contributed to our family over the last year of treatment and trials. Everything is a learning experience but all the staff was and always is willing and able to help with any questions we had. We love the personal attention we always receive with each visit and the support to see accomplishment of the treatment we each received to relieve and eliminate our pain. Thanks for your help, great adjustments, and the family atmosphere – it’s hard to find good care that takes you from beginning to end but also makes all the middle stuff bearable. We recoment BACK to Health Always! You’re the best.

I am amazed how much better I am feeling just eight days after my first appointment. I thought about toughing my back pain out for a few days but I am so relieved I came in as soon as I did. Your doctors and staff are awesome.

Since coming to BACK to Health I am now able to do some or a lot of things I was doing before without much pain if any at all, such as running, playing a little basketball and chasing my 2 year old around. The treatment makes me feel a whole lot better every time!

After my accident, BACK to Health Clinic worked with my schedule to get all three of us in for our appointments. We have recovered amazingly!

BACK to Health has made it possible for me to turn my head without pain and raise my right arm above my head without pain.

After my crash, I couldn’t work; and when I did go back I was still stiff and sore. Now, after a few weeks of BACK to Health I can go to work with less pain.

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