Prenatal & Baby Care

Expecting moms will experience a lot of changes in their spine as they progress through pregnancy. Particularly in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters as the weight of the baby increases, postural changes occur (arching the spine backwards to keep balanced). Also, during the 3rd trimester the ligaments soften to prepare for the delivery, and this will lead to greater backache or back pain as joints shift and ligaments become stretched or sprained.

Chiropractic care is excellent at reducing pregnancy-related back pain, is safe to the baby and expecting mom, and should be part of any prenatal regimen. Special, pain-free adjustment techniques are used to adjust expecting moms with absolutely no stress or pressure on the baby. Mom’s love it and generally experience a more positive and easier birthing experience as well.

After the baby is here, it is important to get the pelvis and spine realigned for mom… and baby. Babies undergo a lot of spinal trauma during the birth, including compression of the neck during contractions. There are also strong lateral bending forces to the baby’s neck by the delivering doctor to clear the first shoulder, and sometimes traction of the neck to help extract the infant. Babies have no conscious control and insufficient muscle tone to avoid neck joint injury during delivery and often are injured. We have helped many fussy or colicky babies with safe gentle neck adjustments.

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