Auto Accidents

You would not believe how many times we hear new patients relating their chronic pains to some car accident or sports injury they had long ago because it did not heal correctly. Don’t become a victim of your whiplash injury, let us help you!

It is CRITICAL that Auto Accident Injuries are diagnosed accurately, treated properly, and done so as soon as possible after the motor vehicle crash (MVC) in order to properly recover. Going to the ER or family doctor for pain medicines is not enough. Statistically, according to the Spine Research Institute, approximately 50% of all injured motorists will have permanent pain as a residual of their crash…why? Because if treatment consists only of only pain killers, muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatory medications prescribed to make them feel better in the short term, it is hiding the symptoms and allowing the injuries to heal as they wish (usually improperly). Improper diagnosis and treatment leads to a high medical probability of permanent irreversible damage, joint dysfunction, arthritis, disc herniation, and chronic pain. It is an epidemic!

So what do we do differently?

We provide a very thorough physical orthopedic and neurological examination, and obtain functional, upright x-rays with flexion/extension views of the neck as recommended by the AMA (American Medical Association) to properly assess for ligament and disc damage when a whiplash injury is suspected.
Overstretched or torn ligaments lead to abnormal neck postures, shifts in the center of gravity, and abnormal joint horizontal slippage instabilities that would not have been identified if not for the functional x-rays. This could very likely lead to a lifetime of pain & degeneration unless treated correctly.

Chiropractic Care is ESSENTIAL for maintaining proper spinal motion above and below unstable or overstretched joints for promoting symmetrical motion and allowing the unstable joints to heal…otherwise the loose and damaged joints will be the joints the body relies on most for the majority of motion and they will wear out quickly. We will also provide diagnosis based medical massage therapy with therapeutic goals during the healing process to manage spasms and allow for optimal joint alignment, posture and function. During the healing process we will also tone and strengthen the spine with in-gym exercises overseen by our doctors and personal trainer. It’s not enough to be out of pain, you must be stable to be fully recovered. We can help!

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