Arthritis (Also known as Osteoarthritis/Degenerative Joint Disease), is essentially joint aging, where the joint surfaces are narrowed and reactive with new bone in the form of bone spurs at the edges. This reduces range of motion and increases inflammation or pain. Your Salem Chiropractors at BACK to Health Clinic have decades of experience in maintaining optimal alignment of the spine and extremity joints to prevent the formation or progression of arthritis.

Arthritis is progressive and should be managed early. Arthritis will occur in damaged or stressed joints more readily than in normal joints. By getting regular periodic adjustments of the spine you will help to prevent the joint dysfunctions and misalignments that lead to arthritis. If you’ve had an injury, chiropractic care is essential for optimizing your future spinal health.

Although arthritis is a permanent degenerative condition that is not reversible, if you already have arthritis, seeing your chiropractor is important. The chiropractors at BACK to Health Clinic will work to maintain good spinal function at all levels, particularly the adjacent joint segments to prevent the spread of the arthritis. Arthritis in itself is not painful, it is the inflammation of the joints that is painful. Optimizing your spinal alignment and spinal range of motion through a course of gentle chiropractic adjustments can help reduce the inflammation and get you feeling great again.

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