Injury Recovery

Don’t fall victim to the 5 most dangerous words in the back of your mind after an injury… “MAYBE IT WILL GO AWAY” – Get help now, before it’s too late!

BACK to Health Clinic is well known among surgeons, doctors, acupuncturists, physical therapists, insurance companies, and even attorneys, as Chiropractors who get great results. The reason is simple, we’re thorough, inter refer to other medical professionals when necessary, and focus on identifying the source or root of the problem rather than masking the symptoms of pain, spasms or swelling with medications or other treatments. Perhaps that’s why the Statesman Journal recently awarded BACK to Health Clinic as SALEM’S BEST CHIROPRACTOR several years in a row.

It is our goal to educate our patients with concepts and ideas for preserving and promoting health whenever possible. When rehabilitative care is necessary after a Car Crash, Work Injury, Sports or Personal Injury we provide thorough physical exams, in-house digital x-rays, and sometimes order specialized imaging studies such as MRI or CT. We work hand in hand with other specialists and have a large network of professionals to co-treat with if necessary. We then formulate a diagnosis and treatment plan with management objectives for returning our patients to pre-injury status. However, we’re interested in more than just pain relief; we’re interested in achieving health for our patients with strength and stability so that they do not run a high risk of the issues returning. For this reason many, Car Crash Injury patients for example, will undergo physical rehabilitation in our gym overseen by our on-staff personal trainer.

At BACK to Health Clinic, “We’ve Got Your Back!”

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