Extremity Numbness/Tingling & Pain

Patients often mistakenly assumed that numbness, tingling, or pain in a leg is from an inflamed sciatic
nerve known as Sciatica…but this may not be the case. There are many causes for numbness, tingling or
pain in an extremity ranging from nerve compression, to circulatory disturbances, to neuropathies
caused by diabetes or other endocrine disorders.

When facing numbness, tingling or pain in an arm or leg, the most dangerous thing you could do is say
to yourself these 5 words…”Maybe It Will Go Away.” Do not risk it! Nerve damage may become
permanent if function is not restored within a fairly quick timeframe.

Our Chiropractic Physicians at BACK to Health Clinic are specially trained to properly diagnose & treat neurological disorders resulting in numbness, tingling or pain in the arms or legs… and we have on-site digital x-ray for immediate imaging, and special decompression equipment for optimal recovery. We also understand the warning signs to watch for to know when it’s necessary to refer for labs or for specialized treatment outside our facility. We’ve got your back! You can rest easy knowing you’re going to be taken good care of!

Our neurological care is thorough and complete, and we search out the source of the problem and are not interested in temporary band-aid cures. Rely on us to help you if you have any ongoing or repeated episodes of unexplained numbness, tingling, or pain – it is not normal to experience that!

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