Work Injuries

Oregon Workers have a right to be treated by a doctor of their choice for injuries that occur while on the job. BACK to Health Clinic offers current up to date treatment options for injured workers in a clean professional clinical environment. As members of MCO’s, we are preferred providers for offering rehab assistance, in part, because of our high medical standards, 28+ years’ experience in treating Oregon’s injured workers, and because of our attention to detail and thoroughness of care. We have in-house digital x-ray for immediate imaging needs, and if there is a need for advanced imaging or surgical consultation we will assist in making those referrals. We also offer in-house personal training in our gym to get the injured worker back to work and healthy as soon as possible. If there is a partial or total disability requiring modified work or time off work, we can authorize that. There will never be a charge to the patient for injuries being treated as an open accepted claim under their employer’s worker’s compensation insurance.

We can see almost any Oregon Worker injured while working on the job (even if an auto accident occurred while driving a company vehicle). Injuries can be a single incident or a progressive cumulative injury or disease that builds over time.

We offer free consultations if you feel you have had an injury at work and would like to talk to one of our doctors.

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