Migraine & Headache

Headaches come in many types and from many sources, and can sometimes be a very important symptom of a more serious underlying condition. Stop suffering, get help now! BACK to Health Clinic physicians are excellent at identifying the various types of headaches and what’s needed for their recovery.

Many people relate severe headache pain to Migraines, but they are actually different. The most common type of headache is a cervicogenic “neck-related” headache, or stress headache, and can be very intense, and may make you sensitive to light or loud sounds. Cervicogenic headaches are most often felt in the temples or behind the eyes and associated with a pain in the upper neck at the base of the skull. This is the type of headache we have excellent results with and is often seen after neck injuries, auto accidents or a work incident. Correcting misalignments of the spine and addressing the imbalance of muscle activity or spasm will often relieve these headaches. There may also be a postural or TMJ (jaw) component. The chiropractors at Salem’s BACK to Health Clinic are your resource for sorting through the symptoms and developing an effective treatment plan to get you back into action.

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